Minerals for the Home

Marble Applications At Home


There are few people that can resist the beauty of marble. For centuries, this material has been used to create a number of items for the home. While it has occasionally been used by sculptors to create works of art, flooring has traditionally been the biggest use for marble pieces. Modern designers have changed its use and moved it to other areas of the home.

Modern home design is about creating a unique look for each residence. Marble is a choice many designers now recommend whether a person chooses high end finishes that stand out or prefers understated luxury. Generally bright white with dark veining, marble has now become a choice for people that want rooms designed with classic style.

Kitchens and bathrooms have become primary places where marble is now used. No longer relegated to the floors, countertops are the new home of marble. The variations in veining provide a choice of looks for modern homeowners. Wide veins give a more classic look while thinner veins are used for those that want clean modern styling in any room. Marble mantles are also making a comeback. Used years ago, the style changed to wood as a more easily worked product that cost less. Today's homeowners are willing to pay the price for marble that manufacturers now provide in many shapes and sizes.

There are other places in the home where marble, finely ground, is used as a mineral. Marble is a carbonate of metamorphosed limestone, it is excellent industrial filler. Ground marble adds hardness and brightness to manufactured items such as acrylic sealers and paints.